Rental Information

The Whitmore Community Center is available for rental year round. It is approximately 5,000 square feet of open space and can accommodate 485 people for a dance party or 240 people for a sit-down event. Thirty tables and two hundred chairs are included in the rental price. The center has a fully-equipped, commercial kitchen and clean, modern bathrooms. Forced-air heating, swamp cooling and electricity is included in the rental fee. Please check the center’s availability by visiting the calendar tab above.


Community Events and Fund Raising (small groups doing small things): $50 per day

Non-Whitmore Resident, per day: $200

Whitmore Resident, per day: Sugested Donation

Kitchen Use is included in the above

Security Deposit $100 refundable on inspection after use

Long term arrangements are individually negotiated an can vary contract to contract depending on circumstances


A Certificate of Insurance is required from all tenants and a Daily Liquor License is required for any events where liquor will be sold. Please see the complete requirements in the Rental Agreement.

To download the Rental Agreement, please click here.

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